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Cairo : ASFI Performance Lunch @ Something Else Biennale

Discusion theme : The 4 main drivers of the general trend in contemporary art curating, comparing the situation in the West and in Egypt and more generaly in the Arab World. During this new artspeaksforitself performance lunch, conversation was as always friendly, openminded and absolutely free. Why is this? Because the only public allowed to attend were as usual the participants and because there will never be any transcription of what was said : what's shared in the hub stays in the hub. Guests were cherry picked by Simon Njami. The performance was hosted by Moataz Nasr and Dana Alawneh (Something Else Biennale, with precious help of Amira Parree) and organized by Arnaud Cohen with the generous help of ASFI board member Marie-Ann Yemsi and remote but non the less essential help of Marc Lenot (Lisbon, Portugal) and Diana Wechsler (MUNTREF, Buenos Aires)

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